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Mission, Beliefs & Values

Soul 95.7 FM is an inspiring radio that’s all about the soul. With a focus on positive, uplifting and healing music, Soul 95.7 FM aims to create a sense of community when tuning into their station. They play everything from old school R&B classics to modern day hits with lyrics you can relate too! Listeners are able to connect with each other while they enjoy great tunes during the workday or just relaxing at home in your favorite chair.

Core Values

P – I – C – C


We are a team of pros; We view our job as a calling to serve the people, not a job; We find purpose in our daily tasks that’s greater than just a paycheck.

We infuse every action with disciplines, honesty, fairness, and respect for clients and colleagues alike.

Every team member is encouraged to be bold, initiative, and grows without limit in ideas and creativities.

Soul 95.7 FM  is an egalitarian community of professionals where everyone is somebody. We bring everyone together in love, so we can learn and grow together to execute our mandates without flaws and excuses.

Our Focus​

Our focus at SOUL FM is summarized in the acronym E – I – E – E – T.

E – Educating
I – Informing
E – Entertaining
E – Enriching
T – Transforming the society.

Our Mission​

To build and enrich our community of listeners by sharing entertaining and educative music, arts, culture, news, and opinion with a strong emphasis on professionalism.
We promote diversity, tolerance and freedom of expression in an objective manner.

Our Vision​

To be the most valued and most-listened radio station in terms of Information, Education, and Entertainment.

Core Target​

Our programs are targeted at the larger population with emphasis on the youths. The youth constitute the largest radio listeners, and it won’t be out of place to concentrate more on this population segment.

The Management Board.

Pastor Johnson & LE Victoria Adeleke

Pastor Johnson & LE Victoria Adeleke

Pastor Sola Kayode

Pastor Sola Kayode

Asst. General Manager

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